Discover Africa In Your Neighborhood

International trade in Newburyport is taking a new twist. It’s not rum, slaves, or wood we’re trading, it’s experience, knowledge, medical equipment and our shared interest in Africa. Five local groups made presentations on Thursday, September 11th at The Custom House Maritime Museum.

We heard about:

  • How one cow sent from Heifer International assisted a family to become independent
  • A village library that was supplied with books shipped by the Bura Group
  • How the Dalaba West Newbury Alliance supported fabric design by women to provide income for their education and self-sufficiency

The museum hallways were filled with bright colored African dress and exhibits by local groups: Amesbury for Africa, Bura-Newburyport, Dalaba-West Newbury Alliance sister city programs, IMEC international medical equipment exchange, and Shalupe Foundation, with projects supporting street children in the DRCongo, and a new initiative to distribute the Negroponte laptop to children in underserved communities. For more information reference:,,,,