Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water: Our World Lecture

Deborah Cramer
Author: Great Waters, An Atlantic Passage

On 10/16/08, over 60 people listened to Deborah Cramer, author of Smithsonian Ocean and one of the country’s most celebrated science writers, deliver an eloquent and illuminating talk on the history of our oceans and the peril they face today. She challenged us to exercise better stewardship of the sea and leave a legacy of healthy oceans for our children.

Cramer also answered questions and signed copies of her book.

Inspired by this lecture, the CHMM is embarking on a co-operative endeavor with other New England maritime museums to promote ecological issues in 2009. From overfishing, to marine debris, the effect of global warming on our local coastlines and a host of other issues, we will continue the dialog to rejuvenate our partnership with our oceans.