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Custom House Maritime Museum Business Membership

“I really love everything about the CHMM, not just physically but the role it plays in town. There really is nothing like it, not just in terms of its physical presence, but as a real historical center. And what a great museum! Your collection holds the interest of something three times the size and I love walking around and also experiencing the unique feel of the exhibits contrasted with views out to the river as opposed to most museums which are very inward-looking with no windows. A treasure for the town, it is!”

– David Yang, Director of Chamber Music: University of Pennsylvania
Artistic Director, Newburyport Chamber Music Festival

We are the Custom House Maritime Museum, the stewards of your maritime history.  From its settlement to its rise as a maritime business hub to its economical rebirth, we are here to tell its story. Let us share the history and excitement of what we have to offer with your business. Be a part of the rich maritime history and the experience of belonging to an organization that celebrates the past and looks forward to the future. Be a part of our city’s proud history by becoming a Custom House Maritime Museum Business Member.

Business Membership Levels

Business Membership Levels

Join as a CHMM corporate member and become part of the network of business leaders who support Newburyport’s proud history.  


** excludes weddings. ** dates upon approval of executive director.